What people say...

We thought you might like to hear what some of our clients had to say about the training they have received with us...

I loved the structure of the course and the openness of the opening circles and how comfortable everyone was when sharing experiences. I learned a lot from the course and from others. - Secondary Teacher

This course has completely transformed my classroom! 

- Secondary Teacher










Restorative Practice training has changed my way of thinking and dealing with conflict, not only in my work life but personal life too. I look forward to stepping ahead with a new approach and mindset to strengthen positive classroom and school environments.  

- Primary Teacher

The implementation of Restorative Practice improved the student-teacher relationship immensely. Using it allowed me to develop mutually respectful relationships that allowed for more effective teaching and learning. – Student Teacher

This course has really helped me reduce stress in school and at home…

This course had some lightbulb moments for me in terms of my own practice – how important it is to step back and not react, stay calm instead of fuelling the problem. It made me more reflective, more aware, more confident to try new things in my classroom.

- Secondary Teacher

I was really sceptical to begin with but after our first session I was hooked, so eager to learn more, I hope I’ll help students with my new RP skills…

- Secondary Teacher

The process, method and atmosphere are so engaging and energising.

RP has changed my whole outlook when working with people and children, even in really difficult circumstances. Using RP helps to restore relationships and create a road for repairing the damage caused by different types of bullying behaviour and conflict management. Working with Michelle and the team was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend them for their approach, their professionalism and their levels of human understanding and empathy, which allow for participants to gain confidence in the use of RP and to ultimately be able to use it in school and the wider community. Thank you for a truly amazing experience. Brilliant! - Gerard Farrelly (Primary School Principal)

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