Upcoming Workshops 2019-2020

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Apart from my on-site workshops and e-learning courses, I also offer face to face workshops which are ideal for all teachers/SNAs/ school leaders interested in personal and professional development such as:


Positive communication

Building relationships

Responding to difficult emotions (anger / shame)

Reducing stress levels and practising calm

Collaborative classrooms

Developing Key Skills of JC / emotional & oral literacy 

Connection & belonging

Innovative teaching

Promoting the student voice

SPHE / wellbeing 

Modelling RP & teaching the restorative values

Responding to conflict in healthy ways that
promote accountability & empathy



CONNECT IN- Restorative Practitioner

During these workshops we will explore how to develop restorative skills and how to cultivate a restorative mindset using restorative values, intentions and language.  We offer an overview of RP, explore how it consciously builds relationships and outlines an introduction to the restorative questions.  We focus on EQ, on understanding, identifying and transforming difficult emotions such as anger and shame.  We explore the transformative potential of restorative language and how it brings us from shame to empathy and connection.

Wed. 23rd & 30th Sept. 5pm - 8pm 2020  - Online Workshop Click here to book

Investment -  €150 

CONNECT OUT (Meetings) – Restorative Facilitator

During this one day workshop we build on our existing skills and expand our capacity to become a restorative facilitator, supporting others to respond to conflict in a healthier way.  The process of facilitating meetings involves the same language, mindset and values that were explored during Connect In but in this space, we learn structures to apply these skills in new ways.  Facilitating meetings can be especially helpful when working with students, teachers and parents, especially when responding to conflict, harm and bullying.  They promote accountability, empathy and healthy relationships within school communities and beyond!

!Dates coming soon  


CONNECT Out - Restorative Facilitator (Circles)

During these online  workshops, we build on our existing skills from Connect In and expand our capacity to facilitate restorative practices with groups. We develop facilitation skills when using restorative circles using the 1,2,3 Circle Process to proactively model and teach the restorative values and to respond to conflict in a way that honours community and connection. 

Tues 29th & 6th Oct. 5pm - 8pm - Online Click here to book

Investment -  €150


CONNECT Beyond - Restorative Facilitator (Advanced)

This course is an advanced course for those who have already done the CONNECT IN & CONNECT Out (Circles & Meetings). We develop and reflect on our practice and support each other using case study examples while further enhancing our facilitation skills by exploring the higher end of the restorative practice continuum which may involve higher risk scenarios and require a greater level of expertise to facilitate.

Thurs 15th & 22nd Oct. 5pm - 8pm 2020 - Online Click here to book

Investment -  €150


More Dates Coming Soon!


Onsite Training

CONNECT IN; Becoming a Restorative Practitioner
Whole-staff Workshops
One Day / 2 x 2hr  

These workshops are ideally suited to schools looking for an introduction to the restorative philosophy, motivation and skills with the intention of committing to a values-based restorative culture and community. 

Connect Out; Becoming a Restorative Facilitator
Implementation Team / RP Champions 

These courses are ideal for supporting a team of teachers / SNAs / school leaders interested in implementing and building restorative classrooms, schools and communities. Here we build on existing skills outlined in Whole-staff Connect In course. We deepen our understanding of the restorative approaches by engaging in the reflection and practice needed to cultivate the restorative paradigm shift and live the restorative values as a way of being. These courses are offered on site or in Education Centres outlined below.

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