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Training/ E-learning

CONNECT Training & Consultancy design bespoke training to suit the needs of the people with whom we are working. These workshops are for you if you are interested in positive communication and getting the best out of yourself and others. It is ideal for improving relationships, and communicating in a positive way that promotes synergy, wellbeing and solutions.

Be Your Best Self!
Full Day & Half Day Options

Let's Get Started!

What's it all about?

A Call to Connect RP
Connect In (part one)
Pilot E-Learning Programme

This course is a great way to get started and ideal for a school community / educators interested in:

· beginning / re-invigorating its RP journey

· facilitating professional dialogue around building relationships through positive communication​, outlining the restorative philosophy, motivation and skills


As part of this introductory taster package school's will be provided with:

· One group / whole-staff online introduction to the restorative philosophy through video and guided group-discussion (1 hr)

· Online access to more in-depth material for up to 5 interested staff members to support guided reflection and implementation for interested practitioners / restorative champions in your school (facilitated at a self-directed pace & individually certified  (2 hrs - video, reflection & guided implementation)



Offering opportunities to open up / revisit informed conversations and grow capacities of internal champions is essential to build sustainability for schools who wish to be communities committed to the use of Restorative Practice.


This opportunity is also timely as schools prepare to consider and plan for curriculum implementation (wellbeing provision) and development for the next academic year. This pilot programme is currently discounted at €295 and available to buy and use until the end of June 2020. Book your space here!


Connect RP will launch its e-learning educator/student curriculum platform in September 2020 -  watch this space!

Here's a quick taster to offer you a flavour... What is Restorative Practice?

Onsite Training

CONNECT IN; Becoming a Restorative Practitioner
Whole-staff Workshops
One Day / 2 x 2hr  

These workshops are ideally suited to schools looking for an introduction to the restorative philosophy, motivation and skills with the intention of committing to a values-based restorative culture and community. 

Connect Out; Becoming a Restorative Facilitator
Implementation Team / RP Champions 

These courses are ideal for supporting a team of teachers / SNAs / school leaders interested in implementing and building restorative classrooms, schools and communities. Here we build on existing skills outlined in Whole-staff Connect In course. We deepen our understanding of the restorative approaches by engaging in the reflection and practice needed to cultivate the restorative paradigm shift and live the restorative values as a way of being. These courses are offered on site or in Education Centres outlined below.