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Ubuntu is a South African word meaning that each person’s humanity is bound up with the humanity of others. It’s a philosophy about our interconnectedness that resonates with me and is at the heart of the Connect RP relational work that I am grateful that I get to do in our world.


UbuntuLearning aims to support individuals, schools/organisations and communities in their capacity and commitment to Restorative Practice . This e-learning platform is a compass to support understanding, reflection and guided practice for those seeking to create relational learning communities; enhancing relationships, communication and wellbeing at work and beyond!

3 Options:

1. Restorative Me (individual programme)

2. Restorative Us Plus; Growing a Restorative Team (package for whole staff CPD & team 4-10 people)

3. Connect RP Site Licence (serves a whole school community)

Let's Get Started!

1. Individual Programme

Restorative Me;

Connect, Reflect & Model

 Creating Relational Learning Communities!

When I saw the Restorative ME e-learning course I jumped at the chance to do it. I am so lucky to work in a school environment with a restorative culture throughout. We use circles in our classes and conferences to repair harm when the need arises. 

We have noticed that the more circles the children are part of the less need we have for conferences. I wasn't sure if this course was for people beginning their restorative journey or people who are restorative practitioners for some time. This course is pitched perfectly! It gives beginners an amazing introduction to their restorative journey and for people like me,  it is giving me a great chance to reflect on my current practice. We all get a bit comfortable in ourselves and need to revisit ideas and models. I am really valuing this time to sit and do that.  It is also helping me be a better parent nd wife, especially at this time where we are all together all the time. I constantly as myself "who do I want to be in this situation?" The layout of this course is in perfect bite sized lessons that are easy to process and reflect on before continuing on to the next lesson. I love the activities and quizzes and I could listen to Michelle's voice all day long. - Amanda Downey (primary)

Working in a restorative school, I have completed many RP courses with Michelle in face to face training. My principal asked if anyone wanted to pilot Michelle’s online course and I jumped at the chance. I think the Restorative Me course is wonderful, Michelle introduces you into a way of thinking that allows you to support all students and those at times difficult students within your classroom. It’s an ethos and a way of being in the school not just a teaching strategy and the focus is to develop positive relationships between both staff and students as well as between students themselves. To be specific, I completed the eLearning Restorative me course. Which I found great! For anyone new to RP it introduces you to Restorative Practice and supports you in getting an understanding of RP itself and its values. What I found nice about it is that you don’t have to have done RP before to be able to access it. The course brings you along from beginner to more advanced training. Once you complete the course you have access to all the videos which is great and means you can go back over sessions to remind yourself of the training. I think it would work really well for new staff joining an RP school like mine as it’s a wonderful introduction and well as advancing skills like me. - Maria O'Hara (post primary)



Restorative Me; Connect, Reflect & Model
Creating Relational Learning Communities!

This programme was designed so that it would serve those who are advanced in their restorative training or brand new to the philosophy. I believe anyone who is interested in creating relational learning communities will love this restorative programme. 


Restorative Me is for you if you are interested in: 


Connecting to the key aspects of the restorative philosophy; the beliefs, values and principles. This is a guiding reservoir, a compass if you are advanced in or seeking to begin your own practice.


Reflecting in a deep way about your own practice, your restorative journey and yourself. This is aimed to support the essential on-going grappling with the restorative paradigm shift that I too am still voyaging and welcoming in.


Modelling the practices and ways of being in both your professional and personal life. This is about leadership and showing up as a restorative person in your workplace and beyond!


As part of this certified course you will be provided with:

12-month access to 60 videos (14 Video Lessons, 14 Connect and Reflect Exercises, 14 Connect Quests, 4 Connect Check quizzes and numerous practical resources to make this course transferable to your learning communities). Here are some sample lessons that offer you a taster:


Restorative Me aims to act as a guiding compass to support understanding, reflection and guided practice, all facilitated at a self-directed pace!

*Your individual user licence can be purchased for €295  by visiting our UbuntuLearning platform here


**Fairness & Equity are important values to me. After reflection & consultation, this course will now be priced at €149 with monthly payments available to support accessibility.


Much love & gratitude to the Restorative Me community :-)!


Option 2 & 3

Compared at a Glance

2. Restorative Us Plus Package

a. Whole Staff CPD

b. Restorative Us Team

a. Whole Staff CPD - Navigating a Restorative Year in School & Beyond

(also available individually)

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b. Restorative Us Team

(also available individually)

email- michellestowe@connectrp.ie

3. Whole School Approach

Connect RP Site Licence

 Growing Restorative School Communities

Connect RP Site Licence
Growing a Restorative School Community!

Connect RP will launch its Whole-School/Organisation Ubuntu Learning Platform in Aug 2020  -  watch this space :-)!


What? Connect RP’s site licence aims to support a school/organisation in their capacity and commitment to growing a restorative school community. 


Why? This is ideal for schools seeking to begin or advance their restorative journey, creating relational learning communities; nurturing relationships, communication and wellbeing at work and beyond! 


Who? Connect RP’s Ubuntu Learning online platform offers the infrastructure to guide a whole-school/organisation approach through student curriculum programmes, teacher guidance, SNA learning units, parent and BOM introductions, SLT guidelines and resources/templates. 


When? Connect RP’s yearly site licence is facilitated at a school/organisation-directed pace, with guided recommendations that require scheduled whole-staff/group sessions and the commitment of a coordinator, restorative champions and a self-paced implementation Ubuntu Team. 


How? Ubuntu Learning is an online platform offering a compass to support understanding, reflection and guided practice through the use of videos, guided reflective practice and scaffolded implementation in line with quality frameworks such as LAOS supporting aspects of the SSE process and the Wellbeing Policy Statement and Framework for Practice. It will require a coordinator, a committed Ubuntu Team and the necessary time & resources to bring this to life. 

Growing a Restorative School Community

Interested in a Connect RP Site licence for your school? Email  michellestowe@connectrp.ie to find out more!

Here's a quick taster to offer you a flavour of...
What is Restorative Practice?

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