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CONNECT Training & Consultancy design bespoke training to suit the needs of the people with whom we are working. These workshops are for you if you are interested in positive communication and getting the best out of yourself and others. It is ideal for improving relationships, and communicating in a positive way that promotes synergy, wellbeing and solutions.

Be Your Best Self!
Full Day & Half Day Options

These workshops are ideally suited to schools looking for an introduction to the restorative philosophy, motivation and skills with the intention of committing to a values-based restorative culture and community. 

The Journey Begins in School
Whole-staff Workshops
2 Half Days 
CONNECT IN (4x 2hr Workshops) 
 CONNECT Out (4x 2hr Workshops)
Walking the Talk
Implementation Team

These courses are ideal for supporting a team of teachers / SNAs / school leaders interested in implementing and building restorative classrooms, schools and communities. Here we build on existing skills outlined in Whole-staff Connect In course. We deepen our understanding of the restorative approaches by engaging in the reflection and practice needed to cultivate the restorative paradigm shift and live the restorative values as a way of being. These courses are offered on site or in Education Centres outlined below.

Student Workshops

Connect In - Building Relationship through Positive Communication

Connect Out - Relationship Keepers / Friendship Keepers

This programme is usually aimed at senior students who have an explicit role in modelling, fostering and maintaining positive relationships in their school.

These workshops are aimed at both primary and post-primary students.  They are ideal as part of a mentoring programme or to develop existing structures in schools such as mentoring/buddy programmes, Prefect Systems or LCA / TY Modules or as part of the wellbeing module. 

Each course usually take a one day format or two half days with a follow-up after-care programme to aid implementation and support students' development of relationship building and communication skills. 

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