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Empathy: the heart of difficult conversations. 

Connect RP Implementation Model

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CONNECT RP designs bespoke training to suit the needs of the people with whom we are working. These workshops are for you if you are interested in positive communication and getting the best out of yourself and others. We offer onsite and e-learning programmes to develop key concepts, restorative skills, the reflective practice necessary to commit to this practice.

Restorative Practice


Restorative Practice is a values-based philosophy; it aims to actively promote relationships, respond to harm/conflict in a way that honours relationships; and CONNECT us to our best selves and to one another.

This way of being informs how we think, engage, speak, listen, and approach situations, all day, every day. 

What people say...

We thought you might like to hear what some of our clients had to say about the training they have received with us...


Restorative Practice training has changed my way of thinking and dealing with conflict, not only in my work life but personal life too.


CONNECT RP aims to support people in developing themselves personally and professionally. We provide training and e-learning courses that give individuals, schools/organisations and communities the opportunity to cultivate skills and dispositions that improve relationships, communication and wellbeing; Our passion is to support those seeking to create relational learning environments; building restorative cultures that promote community, compassion and connection!



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